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Origins of the theory

Experienced and emerging Structural Dynamics practitioners are invited to join our thriving Licensed Practitioner Community.

Participation in the community gives you access to:

  • A self-service portal for the full suite of Kantor Behavioral Profiles which allows you to easily set up and manage your own instruments and obtain individual and group reports
  • 5 complementary baseline instruments per year to use with your clients
  • Designs and materials to facilitate your structural Dynamics interventions
  • Webinars and videos of David Kantor discussing core Structural Dynamics ideas
  • Emerging ideas and tools before they become publicly available
  • Referrals to consulting opportunities using the Structural Dynamics model

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'The Perils of Working with An Invisible Reality': The Practitioner's Greatest Challenge

Dr David Kantor & Dr Sarah Hill

Practitioners who begin to experience success in what they do can fall into a trap of chest thumping complacency. Their models “work” and clients rain praise on their egos. Fall into this trap at your peril. For lurking beneath the cover of conscious visible reality and slinking its way furtively through the fog of clinical self-regard, an alternative reality thrives in the minds of most clients--alternative, that is to the one in the room and resulting in information blindness that endangers client interests and your model’s effectiveness?

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