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The Kantor Institute applies the Structural Dynamics model in four distinct arenas:

Consulting Tools

Building psychometric instruments and tools for expert Structural Dynamics practitioners


Helping the leaders of global organizations to build their models and in doing so, become more conscious and interpersonally effective

Practitioner Community

Training and certifying practitioners in Structural Dynamics through Dialogix – our partner organization


Continuing to validate the importance and effectiveness of Structural Dynamics in partnership with the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

Founder and Directors

The Kantor Institute is led by a group of Directors working together with the Founder, David Kantor

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David Kantor, Founder

Over the past fifty years, David Kantor, Ph.D., has been instrumental in bringing his unique model and counseling expertise to families, couples, organizations, leaders and interventionists as they work to achieve success through generative relationships with others.

David began his career as a clinical psychologist and lecturer in Harvard University’s Department of Social Relations. From 1965 to 1975, he was an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine and served as the Director of Psychological Research and later as Chief Psychologist at Boston State Hospital. He also founded and became director of the Boston Family Institute, the first systems training program in Massachusetts, The Kantor Family Institute, and The Center for Training in Family Therapy at Boston State Hospital.

David has also served as a Charter Member of the American Family Therapy Association, an Approved Supervisor, Clinical Member, and Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, a Diplomat of the American Board of Family Psychology, and as an editor and referee for the Journal of Family Process.In the 1980s and 90s, David began introducing his models to businesses, top-level executives, and organizational consultants, among them Arthur D. Little, Innovation Associates, MIT’s Dialogue Project, Origins, and Dialogos. From 2000 to 2009, David served as a Thought Leader and Partner at Monitor Group, where he developed innovative products, such as Leadership Model Building, a leadership development program; O-Deck, speech-coding software; and the Kantor Profiles, a suite of assessment instruments.

During his career, David has trained over a thousand systems interventionists and has written dozen of articles and several books, including research-based Reading the Room (Jossey-Bass, 2012), out now on Amazon, Inside the Family (Jossey-Bass, 1975 & Meredith Winter Press, 2003) and My Lover, Myself (Riverhead Books, 1999), producing a rich breadth of work that grounds his communication theories and practices today. David feels that his most important contributions to organizational theory and practice spring from two sources: his Model of Models and from his trainees themselves.

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Sarah Hill, Kantor Institute, Director

Owner, Dialogix

Sarah Hill is the Owner and Co-Director of Dialogix Ltd and a Director at Kantor Institute. For the last 10 years, she has specialised in the design and leadership of major whole-system cultural change interventions using Dialogue and Structural Dynamics and has become an internationally recognised expert in the training of coaches and leaders to become accomplished Dialogic Practitioners and Structural Dynamics Interventionists in their own right.

Sarah coaches, trains and advises senior leadership teams and national boards in the UK and US as they develop new models for practice, behaviours and funding and has been described as a coach and leader who ‘walks the talk’ and is driven by ethical practice. She believes the potential to reform people’s experience stems from courageous personal action that comes through the understanding and practice of dialogue, structural dynamics and mindfulness. Developing others to lead powerful and productive conversations lies at the heart of all she does. She is focused on enabling people to release the power that is intrinsic to leadership, through the way in which they talk and think together within organisations. You will see evidence of this in the way her coaching and consulting embodies respect, honesty, integrity and a non-judgmental approach.

Sarah holds a PhD and has published articles on collaborative research, multi-stakeholder dialogue in prisons and issues of integrity through the lens of Structural Dynamics.

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Tony Melville, Kantor Institute, Director

Owner, Dialogix

Tony Melville is Owner and Director of Dialogix Ltd and a Director at Kantor Institute. He is an accomplished leader who, with ten years experience as a Chief Police Officer in the United Kingdom, has considerable experience of leading large organisations and their top teams. His expertise was recognised nationally as he led organisational change interacting at a strategic and policy level with Government Ministers and senior officials.

Tony developed, implemented and led cultural change programs across these large systems and now uses this experience to design and facilitate interventions that improve communicative competency and performance. Through coaching, training and advising in the use of Dialogue and Structural Dynamics he helps people to both understand the concepts and apply them to their own unique situations. He has recently been working with senior leadership teams across Local Government and Health Care in the United Kingdom and Directors of large corporate organisations in both the Middle East and USA.

Tony holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Development and a post graduate diploma in Criminology from Cambridge University. He is a graduate of the United Kingdom Police Strategic Command Course and the Prime Minister’s Top Management Programme.

Tony has been recognised for his integrity, humanity and equality, which he brings together with his experience of leading systemic organizational change to his work with Dialogix and Kantor Institute.

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