Tools for Leaders and Coaches

Kantor Institute is a research and consulting organization dedicated to building expertise in David Kantor’s theories of Model Building and Structural Intervention as a means to improve the performance of individuals, teams and organizations

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Reading the Room

The latest book by David Kantor takes a comprehensive and practical look at the field of team consulting by following a realistic executive team and coach at fictional company, ClearFacts, as they move through challenging issues and negotiate different leadership styles.

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Leadership and Organizational Development with a Difference

We offer a series of accredited programs which are designed and led by Dialogix. They offer opportunities for leaders, change agents, consultants and facilitators who are committed to changing their organizations in ways which call for people to think and act very differently.

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Building a Base for Tomorrow's Conversations

Breakdown in communication is the bane of nations, institutions, business leaders, teams, organizations and families. David Kantor has spent decades investigating how communication works and how it breaks down when it matters most...

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Welcome to The Kantor Institute.

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